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Hands-On Citizen Science Outing in San Simeon Cove & Additional Learning Activities

San Simeon State Park at WR Hearst Memorial Beach
San Simeon, CA 93452

Phone: (805) 927-6575

What: Citizen Monitoring & Stewardship Programs
When: Weekends, call for scheduling and details
Reservation Needed: Yes, contact the Coastal Discovery Center at (805) 927-6575 to make arrangements. Thank you.

Each week the Coastal Discovery Center invites visitors to participate in its Plankton Monitoring program. Visitors will help fulfill weekly monitoring requirements for the California Department of Public Health by taking measurements and samples with equipment deployed from the pier (secchi disc, plankton net, water sampler, etc.) as well as measure pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity and temperature, and collect a live plankton sample for research use. Visitors will then examine their plankton sample under a video microscope at the Center, where they will learn about ocean plankton and its role in the ecosystem, identification of plankton, and harmful algal blooms along the midcoast. Results will be sent to a state lab as part of the CDPH Marine Monitoring Program.

Citizen science fulfills a great need for resource protection of our natural coastal resources. It helps to establish scientific baselines and increases stewardship through public education and action. Visitors love learning and appreciate the opportunity to participate in real science! This program is statewide and its success depends on citizen scientists.

Stewardship Travel is about adding a bit of "doing good and feeling good" to your vacation.
This activity selection includes:

*A learning activity and/or outing
*An educational center
*A conservation/heritage donation opportunity through Coastal Discovery Center
(Most non-profit organizations have donation pages. For those that don't, please contact their office directly by clicking on the "donation opportunity" link above. Thank you!)

Thank you for being a Stewardship Traveler in WineCoastCountry.

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